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Welcome to Grinjer's website

My name is Grinjer and I'm a bird from a forest far away. I got my name from my grandpa, his name was also Grinjer and he experienced many adventures. Everytime I went to bed, my grandpa told me a nice story of him and his friends. This made me very curious and now I'm having adventures with my friends, Spunt and Tempel.

Spunt is an imperial guard and Tempel is a hedgehog. I also found many new friends during our adventures.

On this website, you can find everything about myself and my friends and the adventures we experienced.

You can also find a link to the bookstore, to read more and experience my adventures as real as possible.


Want to read more about Grinjer? Curious about the adventures with his friends. Visit the iBooks store, buy the e-book and start reading.


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